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Connection: A Modern Look
Solo Show by GayLynn Ribeira

Exhibit Dates: Oct 6-24
Pacific Art League
(668 Ramona St, Palo Alto)
Opening Reception Oct 6, 5:30-8pm
Artist Talk Oct 14, 6:30-8pm

“Connection: A Modern Look,” is an immersive exploration of technology’s profound impact on our lives and connections. This exhibit invites you to journey through the ever-evolving landscape of human interaction in the digital age.


From classrooms to living rooms, from workspaces to social networks, technology both binds us together and plays a role in isolation and loneliness. Explore how it has redefined education, nurtured new social bonds, and impacted family dynamics. Contemplate the allure of escapism within the digital realm and the pivotal role of Artificial Intelligence in shaping our future connections. Be curious about our evolving tapestry of human connection in the modern, digital era.

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